About Us

The Registrar’s Office is made up of cross-functional teams which provide all-round support services to staff and students on academic matters.

The Registrar’s Office is headed by the Registrar and it consists of five units: the Curriculum Unit, Registration Unit, Academic Record Unit, Student Admission Unit and Academic Service Unit.

  • Curriculum Unit

The Curriculum Unit combines recommendations for new and existing programmes from the Academic Board, the General Education and Language Enhancement Committee, and the individual faculties and departments, for general review and submission of curriculum proposals to the College Council.

  • Registration Unit

The Registration Unit follows the policy of the College to collect and administer the student registration process, module add-drop, time-tabling, examination arrangements, graduation requirements, transfer and withdrawal.

  • Academic Record Unit

The Academic Record Unit maintains and analyses students’ academic records and is responsible for the distribution of these records to students. The Unit also submits statistical and analytical reports to the Registrar.

The Academic Record Unit maintains and updates student’s records, issuance of certifications, academic transcripts and award certificates

  • Student Admission Unit

The Student Admission Unit works with the Student Affairs Committee to review student admission policy. Proposed modifications to admission policy are submitted to the College Council for approval, after which the Unit sets up admission requirements and procedures.

The Student Admission Unit is responsible for reviewing and processing admission application and the recruitment of new students and it promotes academic programmes by organizing school talks, exhibitions, Information Days and outreach activities conducted in the local territory, Mainland China and overseas, these include campus visits and school talks, etc.

  • Academic Service Unit

Areas of Responsibility

  • Administrative Support to College
  • Academic Calendar
  • Course evaluation exercise
  • Programme Registration on Qualifications Register
  • Classroom Booking
  • Logistics and delivery of academic ceremonies