The Office, which is headed by a Director, is supported by two units; namely the Quality Assurance Unit and Quality Teaching and Learning Unit, on discharging its duties and responsibilities.
Quality Assurance Unit (QAU)
•    Answering enquiries from Faculty related to academic quality assurance matter; 
•    Assisting the Quality Committee (QC) to review and prepare the document related to quality assurance 
•    Providing administration support for the Faculty Review, quality audit, collection of stakeholder feedback at College level and implementation of quality assurance procedures in the College
•    Analysing information collected from key stakeholders and preparing Quality review reports for submission to the QC
•    Assisting the QC to organize activities for the promotion of quality assurance culture in the College
Quality Teaching and Learning Unit (QTLU)
•    Answering enquiries from Faculties related to academic quality enhancement matter
•    Assisting the Quality Committee (QC) to review and prepare the documents related to quality enhancement 
•    Providing assistance to the QC in the promotion of quality enhancement culture in the College
•    Providing assistance to the QC in the implementation of quality enhancement procedures in the College
Collection of Evidence
The Quality Office is tasked to (1) conduct surveys on the programmes and (2) assist the Faculties in analysing the survey results.  The surveys include:
Course Evaluation Survey - Student feedback on teaching quality (Every semester)
Programme Evaluation Survey - Student feedback on overall programme quality (Every year)
Graduate Survey - Graduate feedback on employment (Every year)
Alumni Survey - Alumni feedback on career development (Every five years)

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