Hong Kong on-line Conference on Recent Advances in International Trade, Finance, Business and Regional Cooperations 2020 (30 Nov 2020)



Chu Hai College of Higher Education was delighted to host the third Conference on the Recent Advances in International Trade, Finance, Business and Regional Cooperations on 30 November 2020. The event was co-organised in collaboration with over 10 overseas institutions and universities, with nearly 40 high profile scholars and academics that presented at the Conference. The invaluable online Discussion, deep dive and Q&A gave an inside track into the new economic behaviour and structural change in international trade, finance, business and regional Cooperations.

A key theme of the Discussion was the promotion and coordination work on the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong Macao-Greater Bay Area. As Research widely showed, there had been numerous policy initiatives in fostering the urbanisation of prime industries, including high-tech and tourism in the Bay Area, whose topic was seeking to add to the Conference discourse that was taking place around this. Other than raising an awareness of the global technology and innovation, and the business-friendly development over the Bay Area, this is a highly topical discussion in light of the recent HK Government’s plan to further integrate the Greater Bay Area into an economic powerhouse. Thus, the Conference Papers may help to serve as a beneficial point of reference in the implementation of the proposed policy scheme.

Furthermore, we were honoured to have Kenneth S.Y. CHAN, Visiting Research Professor at Chu Hai College, and Sugata MARJIT, First Distinguished Professor of the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, as Keynote Speakers for this Conference. They both have had very accomplished careers and shared fascinating perspectives on Virtual Trade, Savings Behaviour in China, and more.

Prof. Eden YU welcomes the participants

Prof. M.K. NYAW representing the AP21 Society gave opening remarks

Prof. Jack ZHANG chaired the ADBI first keynote session

On-line conference group photo

Parallel session presentation

Prof. Raymond TSE delivered his paper

Parallel session presentation

Dr. Wing-Fai LEUNG chaired session A2

Prof. Makoto YANO spoke from Tokyo during the afternoon keynote session

Prof. YANO's presentation to pay tribute to Prof. Ronald JONES

Dr. Percy K.L. SHUM chaired session A3

Dr. Kam-Wah LAI chaired session B3

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