JCC Senior Students Swing into Full Gear on Final Year Project


Senior students of the Communication and Crossmedia programme are working 7/24 on their final year projects despite the epidemic still interrupts our normal life.

The Year 4 students show their togetherness and resilience during this difficult time. Even though one of the senior students is tugging against the deadline of producing a microfilm as the final year project, all classmates come to assistance.

Each JCC senior students is required to produce a microfilm or equivalent for his/her final year project which is a programme core course.

DSE students can apply Year 1 admission through JUPAS (JUPAS Code: JSSC04), while Associate Degree and Higher diploma graduates can gain direct admission to Year 3 entry of our programme.

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JCC senior students win the tug-of-war against time through their composure and resilience.

The FYP microfilm reflects family mishaps during the epidemic.

Students work together to adjust the professional-grade Black-magic camera.

Senior students are handy with the equipment for monitoring, shooting and sound mixing.

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