Golden Dragon presents auspiciousness in Hong Kong Chu Hai College (22nd February 2024)


The dragon symbolizes potent and auspicious power, while the lion represents good luck, strength, bravery, and vitality. To welcome the Year of the Dragon, the Student Affairs Office organized the Spring Festival Golden Dragon and Lion Performance titled " Golden Dragon Presents Auspiciousness in HKCHC." By combining the symbolism of the dragon and lion, the event represents Hong Kong Chu Hai College's aspiration for more robust development in the coming years and brings good fortune to all students and staff.

The event occurred on the 13th day of the first month in the Year of Dragon, corresponding to February 22, 2024. "222" holds significance in Western symbolism as an angelic number, signifying the transition and guiding towards a more balanced and harmonious path. This aligns with the College's journey towards university status, ensuring successful completion. The event commenced at 1:30 PM at the College's main entrance, with two master's students, Jasmine JIANG (MA in Chinese studies) and RIYAZ (MSSc Belt and Road International Relations) serving as emcees. The Guests of Honour included Professor CHEN Zhi, the President; Ms. Jane ZHANG, the Executive Vice President; and Dr. Eric WONG, the Acting Associate Vice President (Academic) and Acting Registrar. They officiated the ceremony, " Dot the eyes of the Golden Dragon and Lion, and Hang the red hairpins" for the golden dragon and lion. The performance was organized by the Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Dragon, Lion, Unicorn, and Pai Yau Dances Sport Association, Mr. WAN Kin On, and his team.

The Golden Dragon and Lion Performance featured highlights such as the "One Pillar Supports the Sky" and "Picking the Greens." Lion dancing was inscribed on the list of the first National Intangible Cultural Heritage Inventory batch approved by The State Council of the People's Republic of China in 2006. The performance attracted over 300 students and staff and nearly a hundred onlookers from the surrounding community. It filled the College and surrounding areas with a festive atmosphere. Finally, the officiating guest led the teachers, students, and staff to take a group photo with the magnificent golden dragon and lion, and the atmosphere was joyful.

Every participant was given a Fai Chun starting with the words "Chu” and “Hai," which means to bring blessings to the College, teachers, and students. The former is a metaphor for the perfect matching or simultaneous gathering of talents or beautiful things. The latter is through the natural phenomenon that all rivers flow to the sea, symbolizing the College's capacity to attract scholars and talented people worldwide and simultaneously conveying that the College will acquire the University title soon!

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