Equipped with more than 70 years of experience in providing quality higher education in Hong Kong, Chu Hai College of Higher Education (the College) has been under significant transformation in order to better serve the need of the community with an increasingly knowledge based economy.

This Center would be conducive to realize the long-term mission and vision of the College to become an influential institution in certain targeted fields of strategic research development. The Center will promote a research culture and engage in projects relating to various fields of international trade and business independently or in collaboration with researchers and academic scholars overseas.

In particular, there will be three broad research themes of an international scope for the proposed program covering major disciplines in business, including accounting and banking, business administration (marketing and management), and finance.  The Faculty of Business of the College will oversee and ensure the successful implementation of the proposed research projects.  The infrastructure for boosting research will be provided by recruiting an administrative and technical supporting team to assist faculty members to undertake their studies.  The supporting team will design and organize a series of activities to facilitate sharing and exchange research findings among our faculty members and the research community.

Thus, this Center can help connect our faculty members with the leading research experts in the fields of international business and trade, enhance our research capacity, foster a research culture, and promote research activities in the various departments in the Faculty of Business of the College.

The Center was established with the support of a grant from the Research Grants Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China (Project No. UGC/IDS13/16).  The Center will continue to operate in support of the research activities of the Faculty of Business and its programmes.

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