College Logo Design Concept

The motif is inspired by the motto of the college, "Cognitio et Integritas," which means "Knowledge & Integrity."

Wisdom, being formless and invisible metaphysically, signifies its boundarylessness in the pursuit of knowledge. The pearl, symbolizing distilled wisdom, stands out amidst waves of three colors representing integrity (silvery grey), knowledge (green), as well as the oceans and the world (blue). The Chinese name remains unchanged in its original calligraphy, preserving tradition while intentionally breaking free from the constraints of traditional visual balance and symmetry norms, evoking a sense of freedom, boundlessness, and modernity. Through philosophical thoughts and modern abstract expressions, the motto of HKCHC is profoundly demonstrated.

The icon of HKCHC symbolizes the values, philosophy, and mission of the College, as well as its commitment to society. Cultivating the younger generation and pursuing knowledge converge into a single entity, forming the pearl of wisdom, while also connecting the world with integrity and noble character.

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