Quality assurance involves all activities in the College that are necessary for fulfilling the purposes of sustaining high quality education and educational services, it aims at:

  • Ensuring continuous enhancement of the quality education
  • Maintaining consistency and effectiveness in quality assurance activities
  • Promoting the culture of quality assurance system.


General Quality Assurance Systems Policy

Our College Quality Assurance System is established to:

  • Support the continuous improvement of the academic quality and maintaining academic excellence of the College.
  • Align with the College mission and vision, the strategic plan and the academic development plan of the College


Quality Assurance Framework

The Quality Assurance Framework of our College contains the following elements:

  • Quality Assurance Policy and the mechanism for continuous review of the Quality Assurance Systems
  • Guidelines for various academic processes
  • Collection of feedback information for monitoring the operation of various academic processes
  • Follow-up actions, continuous improvement of the academic quality


Quality Assurance Committee

The Quality Assurance Office (QAO) is established to provide administration support to the Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) of the College. The QAC is established  to:

  • Promote quality assurance and foster a culture of quality assurance
  • Advise on policies and procedures for approval, monitoring and review of programmes
  • Audit the effectiveness and operation of the quality assurance system so as to maintain quality and to overview the quality and standards of all programmes