Tsinghua Summer Course 2019 (English Version Only)

The Department gratefully acknowledges Lau Fu Wing Education Fund Limited for their generous financial and in kind contributions received in support of the Department with the participation of Tsinghua Summer Course 2019. A student team of Department of Civil Engineering joined the summer course in Beijing from 28 August to 7 September 2019, which was hosted by the Department of Civil Engineering of Tsinghua University.


Members of the student team are Ng Sheung Him (Year 4), Chan Hoi Kit (Year 4), Jiang Haodong (Year 4), Lin Zeyu (Year 3), Liu Wenhan (Year 3) and Wu Changyi (Year 3). Dr. Yang Yi is the leading teacher of the team.

In Tsinghua, the students attended a subject entitled “Course Design of Masonry Structure” which comprised theory, laboratory demonstration and a test. Additionally, Prof. Li Kefei, Prof. Guo Hongxian and Prof. Zhao Zhihong, the Professors of Tsinghua organized two short meetings with our students.