Architecture Prizes and Scholarships Presentation Ceremony Held at Chu Hai College of Higher Education


A grand and cozy Architecture Prizes and Scholarships Presentation Ceremony was held at Hall 5 of the college on 14 Jul 2021 to recognize and celebrate students’ endeavor and achievement in study and design.

This year we were delighted to have renowned guests Prof Raymond Fung (Donor, Prof Raymond Fung Architecture Prize), Mr Zhou Lan, (General Manager, Nippon Paint HK), 淨因方丈 (Abbot, Po Lin Monastery), 心默法師 (Po Lin Monastery), Dr Ruffina Thilakaratne (RIBA (HK Chapter) Chairlady), Prof Peter Lee (Vice President (Administration)), Prof CK Tang (Vice President (Academic)) and Prof David Lung (Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering) attending and presenting the prizes and scholarships to the winners.

Over 30 student awardees attended the ceremony and received the following prizes:

Prof Raymond Fung Architecture Prize
(set up by Prof Raymond Fung)
Law Hoi Li, Kara (BSc 2)
Lai Vince (M.Arch 1)
RIBAxAUB ‘My Home is My Castle 2020 Design Competition’ Award
(organized by RIBA (HK Chapter)
Sze Wing Kai, Gordon (M.Arch 2)
Harbourfront Public Furniture Competition Awards
(organized by Harbourfront Commission, Development Bureau, HKSAR Government)
Winning entry:
Law Hoi Li, Kara (BSc 2)
Lau Chi Yin, Chris (BSc 4)
Dr Kevin Yim (Teacher)
Hong Kong Green Building Council ‘My Green Space Student Competition’ Award
(organized by Hong Kong Green Building Council)
Sze Wing Kai, Gordon (M.Arch 2)
Design & A Publisher ‘Tree House Design Competition’ Award
(organized by Design & A Publisher)
Leung Ho Fai
Wong Tsz Him
Ho Ching Yi, Miphy (M.Arch 1)
CIC BIM Competition 2020 Awards
(organized by Construction Industrial Council)
Lam Pui Lai, Susan
Wong Wai Yee, Rebecca
Wong Cheuk Lam, Violet (M.Arch 2)
2nd Runner-up:
Leung Claire Chyrin Ong, Claire
Chan Tak Sum, Daisy
Wu Shu Man, Sherman
Yu Ka Wai, Rox (BSc 3)
Hui Ho Cheong, Ian
Yeung Chi Ho, Horace (M.Arch 2)
Merit & Best Presentation Award:
Lam Hei Tung, Yoko
Mak Siu Fung, Ivan
Tsang Wing Yee, Jac
Wong Tsz Ho, Kelvin (BSc 3)
Lantau Buddhist Cultural Theme Park Design Competition Awards
(sponsored by Po Lin Monastery)
Li Shing Hin, Tasco
Lam Pui Lai, Susan
Wong Wai Yee, Rebecca
Wong Cheuk Lam, Violet (M.Arch 2)
1st Runner-up:
Tang Tsz Hei,
Louis Liu Tsz Ching, Ester
Chow Chi Yin, Bonniebella
Sze Wing Kai, Gordon (M.Arch 2)
Wong Tsun Ting, Fiona
Li Yuk Ho, Arthur
Lui Yuen Wai, Frederick
Tam Mei Yan, Samantha (M.Arch 2)
Tin Ka Kit, Jason
Tsui Ka Wai, Cory
Lam Ka Ming, Steve
Hue Man Fung, Andies
(M.Arch 2)
Yeung Chi Ho, Horace
Fu Tin Long, Sebastian
Choy Tsz Him, Simon
Hui Ho Cheong, Ian
(M.Arch 2)
Nippon Paint Asia Young Designer Awards 2020
(sponsored by Nippon Paint Hong Kong)
Gold Award:
Ng Tsz Hing, Anthony
Wu Ka Ki, Ada
(BSc 3)
Silver Award:
Chan Hiu Wing, Mandy
Kwok Chun Kei, Maurice
(BSc 3)
Bronze Award:
Tang Tsz Hei, Louis
(M.Arch 2)
Best Colour Choice:
Cheung Lit Fung, Andy
Chow Sum Yin, Sammy
(BSc 4)
Best Green Innovation:
Lam Ka Ming, Steve
(M.Arch 2)
Chu Lok Ki, Hannah &
Lam Hin Mong, Chloe (BSc 3);
Sze Wing Kai, Gordon (M.Arch 2);
Jamaludeen Faheem Ahamed (M.Arch 1)

Once again we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Prof Raymond Fung, Mr Zhou Lan of Nippon Paint HK, 淨因方丈 of Po Lin Monastery for their generosity in setting up and donating the above-said scholarship and prizes.
Last but not least, a big congratulation to all the winners!

Pic 1 - Sharing by Prof Raymond Fung with students at the ceremony

Pic 2 - Faculty Dean Prof David Lung (left) and VP Prof Peter Lee (right) presenting the awards to the Champion team in CIC BIM Competition

Pic 3 - 淨因方丈 of Po Lin Monastery congratulating the winning teams in Lantau Buddhist Cultural Theme Park Design Competition via online platform

Pic 4 - 心默法師 of Po Lin Monastery presenting awards to the champion team in Lantau Buddhist Cultural Hub Ideas Design Competition

Pic 5 - Sharing by Mr Zhou Lan, General Manager of Nippon Paint HK, with the students

Pic 6 - A grand photo of all winning teams in Asia Young Designer Award 2020