The Institute has been active in research and consultancy activities commissioned by local and overseas institutions. They reflect the areas of current expertise of the Institute and help to develop future research and teaching capabilities. The consultancy projects have strengthened the applied research orientation of the Institute.

List of projects:

1. Research project on “新冠肺炎疫情後的香港: 外部形勢與戰略選擇”, June 2020.
2. Research project on “The Impact of Financialization on Employment Structure, with Special Focus on Youth Employment Opportunities – the Case of Hong Kong with Reference to Overseas Examples, and Policy Recommendations”, April 2020.
3. Research project on ‘Anglo-Saxon Culture Studies-the Relation between Anglo-Saxon Culture and the Origin of Britain’s Constitutionalism’, March 2020
4. Consultancy service on “虎門產業發展規劃建議”, May 2019.
5. Research project on “Greater Bay Area Initiatives”, October 2018.
6. Research project on “粵港澳大灣區人員流動存在的問題與政策建議”, August 2018.
7. Research project on “協助香港市民從一帶一路建設中獲益的政策措施研究”, August 2018.
8. Consultancy service on “Strategy Recommendations for Industry-University-Research Institute Collaborations on Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreneurial Initiatives”, May 2017.