Secretary for the Environment Visits the College

The Secretary for the Environment (SEN), Mr. Kam-sing WONG, accompanied by Mr. Patrick LEE, Administrative Assistant to the SEN, Ms. Michelle AU, Political Assistant to Secretary for the SEN, and Ms. Aubrey Fung, District Officer (Tuen Mun), came to visit Chu Hai College of Higher Education in the afternoon on 20 April as part of their visit to Tuen Mun District.

Dr. H.P. KONG, Chairman of BoG, Dr. C.J. LEE, Vice Chairman of BoG, Prof. C.F. LEE, Chancellor of the College and Vice Chairman of BoG joined by the College’s senior management greeted the guests. Prof. C.N. CHANG, President of the College gave an overview of the College, especially the green design concept of the new campus to the delegation.

A campus tour, led by the College’s senior management, was arranged to conclude the visit. Mr. WONG was impressed by the campus design and the administrative practices adopted by the College to reduce wastes and consumption of energy and resources. Mr. WONG shared his views and ideas with students from the Department of Architecture and the Department of Civil Engineering on the promotion of energy saving in these two areas. He also encouraged students to incorporate knowledge and “green” concept into the design of building and urban planning.