Overseas Competition in Montreal, Canada: A team from Chu Hai College of Higher Education Joining Concordia University’s Annual Competition, ENGCOMM 2019


The Team

A student team from Chu Hai College of Higher Education participated in the Engineering and Commerce Case Competition (ENGCOMM) organized by Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. The competition was held in downtown Montreal from 19 to 23 February. The Chu Hai team picked "Trailblazers" as its name.

Members of the student team are CHENG Shuk Tsam Sonia (Department of Business Administration), LO Ho Yin Jonathan (Department of Civil Engineering), MONG Pak Yuk Ken (Department of English) and WONG Sin Yee (Department of Architecture). Prof Thomas LUK, Head of Department of English, is the coach of the team.


Training for the student team in the form of training sessions took place a few months before the competition. Teaching staff from three faculties of the College, namely, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Faculty of Business, and Faculty of Arts & Social Science, formed a training team and worked with the students for the competition.

A discussion at the training session.  

The student team presented in front of the training team.

The student team got ready for the training. 

Members of the training team: (Front row L-R) Dr Charmaine CHAN (Department of Business Administration), Prof Peter LEE (Vice President (Admin)) and Prof Thomas LUK (Department of English). (Back row) Mr Paul CHU (Department of Architecture), L2 and Dr CHU Lok Man (Department of Civil Engineering), R1.

The student team and the training team took a group photo after the last training. (L-R) Prof Thomas LUK (Department of English), Mr Sam CHEUNG (Department of Accounting & Banking), Jonathan LO (Department of Civil Engineering), Ken MONG (Department of English), Sin Yee WONG (Department of Architecture), Sonia CHENG (Department of Business Administration) and Mr Paul CHU (Department of Architecture).

Setting Off

The student team and the coach departed for Montreal on 17 February. It was a valuable learning experience and exposure for students of Chu Hai College of Higher Education.

The team from Chu Hai College of Higher Eduaction, good team spirit! Ready to go! (L-R) MONG Pak Yuk Ken (Department of English), LO Ho Tin Johnathan (Department of Civil Engineering), CHENG Shuk Tsam Sonia (Department of Business Administration), WONG Sin Yee (Department of Architecture) and Prof Thomas LUK (Department of English).


ENGCOMM is an annual event hosted by the Concordia University with the aim to foster inter-disciplinary communication and collaboration before students start their professional careers. It focuses on combining the technical field of Engineering with the interactive field of Commerce.

On the first day (19 February) of ENGCOMM 2019, the participating teams were randomly divided into 4 divisions of 4 teams during the opening ceremony. Each division would remain the same for the 3 cases.

On Day 2, the teams worked for six hours on the first case, and then presented their solution in front of a three-person jury. They must support their presentation with a PowerPoint and appropriate documentation. On Day 3, the teams again worked for six hours on the second case, and then did their presentation. On Day 4, they worked for 12 hours on the third case.

From the moment the teams received their case, they had 6 hours (or 12 for the 12-hour case on Day 4) to solve it and prepare themselves for the 15-minute presentation. The teams would solve their cases in isolated preparation rooms where they had all the tools to develop solutions and perform calculations and designs.

On the last day (23 February), the teams did their presentation of the third case. The team with the highest cumulative score from each division after the three cases then moved on to do the final presentation before the board of directors in the afternoon.

In other words, it was a competition that involved 3 cases, 16 teams and 64 competitors, with only one overall winner.

While the Chu Hai College team did not get to present at the final presentation, all its members gained much valuable experience in the course of working through their three cases and their presentations. The event greatly enhanced their insight into how Engineering could be combined with Commerce.

Please click below to view the self-introduction of the student team, Trailblazers, of Chu Hai College of Higher Education for the ENGCOMM 2019.

Pictures taken at the competition



Team Sharing Session Photos





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