JCC’s Annual Microfilm Starts filming Despite Covid-19 Outbreak

The microfilm ‘Life As A Dog’ produced by the students of Communication and Crossmedia Programme (JCC) kicked off last Friday despite the lingering pandemic has put a halt on daily live.

The lensing ceremony was officiated by Professor Tang Chiu Kay, Vice President (Academic and Research); Professor Peter Lee Kai Kwong, Vice President (Administration, Communication and Student Affairs ); Miss Tiffany Wong, Head of Student Affairs Office; Miss Karen Li, Head of Communications and Public Relations Office; Miss Annie Chan, Officer of Communications and Public Relations Office.

The senior staff of the college encouraged and offered great supports to the JCC students who sacrificed their time and efforts for the filming of ‘Life As A Dog’, an annual benchmark project of the JCC.

‘Life as A Dog’ is scripted, filmed and produced solely by the students. Some JCC alumni also unselfishly helped their ‘younger school brothers and sisters’ by taking some roles in the microfilm as Mr Leung Tak Man, Director of the JCC, dubbed, “We are family”.

The JCC teaching staff thanked our alumni and students for their contribution and hard work.


DSE students can apply Year 1 admission through JUPAS (JUPAS Code: JSSC04), while Associate Degree and Higher diploma graduates can gain direct admission to Year 3 entry of our Communication and Crossmedia Programme (JCC, Course Code: 501403).

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