BBQ Gathering for Business Staff and Students at Siu Lam BBQ by the Beach

When the warm sun thaws the earth and the April wind wakes the soil, it’s time for the annual BBQ gathering for our Business students again.  This year, the annual gathering was held on April 28, 2017 at Siu Lam BBQ by the Beach, a 20-minute walk from our new campus.  23 participants, including faculty members and students, had had a great time sharing stories and laughter around the campfires and celebrating with our BA student Kelvin Lam for winning the third prize and the Best Presentation Award in the Chu Hai Singing Contest on April 26.  The evening ended in enthusiasm and excitement with a grand lucky draw for the students!

Our special thanks to the Business Administration Association for organizing the event and we look forward to another BBQ gathering in the coming year!