Major Academic and Administrative Officers

Chancellor: Prof. LEE Chack Fan, GBS, SBS, JP
President: Prof. CHANG Chung Nan
Vice President (Academic): Prof. YU Siu Hung
Vice President (Administration): Ms. KU Wing Chee Brenda, MH
Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Prof. TANG Chiu Kay
Dean of Faculty of Business Prof. HO Lok Sang, BBS
Dean of Faculty of Science & Engineering Prof. LEE Kai Kwong, Peter
Registrar Ms. KU Wing Chee Brenda
Librarian Ms. KONG Lai Yee, Cindy
Dean of Student Affairs Ms. WONG Oi Wan, Tiffany
Associate Director of Finance Mr. MA Chak Chiu, Desmond
(Last updated March 2018)