History of the College

Its Origins back to 1947

Chu Hai College of Higher Education traces its origins back to 1947, when a group of prominent educators, financiers, and legislators founded Chu Hai University in Guangzhou, China with the mission of educating younger generation, helping rebuild the country soon after the World War II.The name of the College literally means Pearl-Sea in Chinese, denoting both the original location of the College on the banks of Chu (Pearl) River, and the ideal of the College which urges its students to be as pure as pearl (Chu) and to pursue knowledge which is as deep as the sea.

Moved to Hong Kong in 1949

In 1949, the University moved with all its teaching resources to Hong Kong and registered as Chu Hai College under the Education Ordinance with the approval given by the Director of Education Department to offer post-secondary courses to students. The Faculties and Departments of the College are listed below: