Graduation Requirements

  1. Students must complete their prescribed programmes within the normal duration, starting from their first enrolment. The typical study duration for Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) programmes is 4 years.
  2. For graduation, students must complete all Department, Faculty and College-wide required courses and meet the minimum programme requirement of credits plus any programme specific requirements either credit bearing or non-credit bearing. For details, please refer to the Department Student Handbook.
  3. A student may prolong his/her duration of study for not more than one year. The period of time for which the student may stay at the College should not exceed the maximum duration permitted in his/her prescribed programmes.
  4. For Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) programmes, the maximum duration of the study period is 6 years for 4-year programmes. 
  5. All students must file the petitions for advancement to candidacy for graduation in the preceding term of graduation as specified in the College Academic Calendar.