Faculty of Science and Engineering


The Faculty of Science and Engineering offers programmes in Civil Engineering, Architecture, and Computer Science. The mission of the Faculty is to discover, preserve and disseminate scientific and engineering knowledge.

As our world is becoming more global, more diverse, and more technologically oriented, there is a growing need for environmental protection and architecture on a human scale. The Faculty of Science and Engineering is responding to these changes by providing guidance and expertise in educating the next generation of scientists, engineers and architects.

Dean's Message

There are three Departments in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, namely, the Department of Architecture, the Department of Civil Engineering and the Department of Computer Science. This presents a unique interdisciplinary learning environment that is not readily available in most universities. Collectively, four Bachelor Degree programmes and one Master Degree programme are offered by the three Departments, all fully accredited and recognized by HKCAAVQ. Local students admitted to the Bachelor Degree programmes in Architecture and Computer Science are eligible for the award of Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions / Sectors (SSSDP) of HK$ 40,000 each year during their four years of study at Chu Hai College of Higher Education.

The MArch degree received formal professional recognition from the Hong Kong Institute of Architects and the Architect Registration Board in March 2018. Chu Hai College became the third local education institution, after The University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, to receive such recognition. The programme is design-oriented reinforced with the concept of sustainability. Design and management of projects in infrastructure development is the main emphasis of programmes in Civil Engineering. The planned integrated work-study programme in Computer Science is tailored for students to spend 6 months in the industry whilst still graduating in four years.

A Mission of the College is “To inculcate in our students academic knowledge, professional skills, all-round competencies and work ethics to meet the needs of the community”. Working closely with the Belt and Road Research Institute of the College, the Faculty endeavours to nurture students for the future of the local community, neighbouring regions and the world.

Paul H.S. Chu
Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering
Head, Department of Architecture
B.Arch., M.Arch. (HKU), M.Sc. (Arch. & Urban Design) (Columbia University)
PRC Class 1 Registered Architect, HK Registered Architect, FHKIA, HKIUD


Degree Programmes Fully Recognized under the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework

The following programmes are accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications:

Undergraduate Programmes

Taught Postgraduate Programmes

* Programme has obtained the Hong Kong Institute of Architects Professional Accreditation (Part I) status.

** Programme has obtained the Hong Kong Institute of Architects Professional Accreditation (Part II) status.

Department of Computer Science

Provide students with academic and professional skills in IT...

As the world is advancing rapidly in science and technology, IT has become an integral tool in work and studies. The computer courses are regularly reviewed to keep pace with the new challenges. To meet the needs of society and the rapid development of IT in Hong Kong, the College offers a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science programme to nurture IT professionals. The professors in the Department are all experts in network system, neural networks, network security and network communication.  The curriculum focuses on software design, computer network, system programming, with final-year IT projects and internships helping students to gain valuable working experience. Graduates are completely equipped with their IT professional knowledge to solve existing technical problems, to meet challenges, and to create new technology in the field of IT services.

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Department of Civil Engineering

To pursue a career in the construction of public infrastructure...

The Department of Civil Engineering offers two programmes namely civil engineering as well as construction engineering and management for students to contribute to infrastructure development that includes bridges, highways, roads, drainage, etc. Laboratory work and field practice are an integral part of the curricula to prepare students for a career in civil and construction engineering fields. Emphasis is placed on various aspects of the design and construction processes including structural analysis, engineering materials and geology, building construction, building codes, construction estimates, transportation engineering, construction technology and project management. Chu Hai College is one of the first institutions in Hong Kong to offer Civil Engineering programme, which has nurtured over 1,500 graduates since 1953. The alumni are distributed far and wide across the globe. For example, Dr. Lau Ching Kwong who presided over the design of the Tsing Ma Bridge and the world-renowned bridge expert Dr. Tang Man Chung, are two of our distinguished alumni.

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Department of Architecture

The department of architecture envisions nurturing graduates that are versatile, competent and progressive to serve in diverse challenges in the architectural profession towards advocating and delivering sustainable and quality living environments.

This mission is accomplished through a pedagogy that is holistic and comprehensive in core knowledge domains in architectural design and sustainability, building technology and sustainability, history and theory and professional practice ensuring the development of analytical and creative faculties within the students.

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