JCM Department - Chongqing Exchange Visit

Students and teachers of Chu Hai College visit the premises of Chongqing Television with the representative of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in HKSAR.


Professor Huang-Fu Ho-Wang led 30 students and teachers of the Journalism and Communication Department to embark on an academic and cultural exchange tour to Chongqing during March 28th – April 1st 2016. They visited the premises of Chongqing Television, Chongqing Newspaper Group, and had a half-day forum with the journalism students and teachers at Chongqing University. Chu Hai College students and teachers also visited China Three Gorges Museum, and travelled to Wulong Three Bridges which have been chosen for shooting movies. The Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in Hong Kong kindly sponsored and assisted in coordinating the tour.

After visiting Chongqing Television studios, broadcasting and post-production units, two reporters (with experience in serving as news anchors) spent another hour with Chu Hai students. They shared their practical experience in handling different types of news, and discussed the ways that they would choose to frame a story.

On the last day of the trip, while having a forum with the students and teachers of the Journalism School of Chongqing University, Professor Huang-Fu and Professor Chan Mon-Cho introduced the history and the current development of the Journalism Department of Chu Hai College. Students from both sides also engaged in a vivid dialogue on their understandings of the prospective of media industry, as well as exchanging views on the future employment opportunity in China and Hong Kong respectively.



Ms. Yang Xi (L1), anchor of Chongqing Television Corporation, introduces the operation and development of the Corporation to the students and teachers of Chu Hai College.

Mr. Chen Li (R) and Ms. Yang Xi (L) share their valuable experience with Chu Hai students.

Professor Zhang Jin (L3), Associate Dean of Chongqing University, Director Xu Jun (L4) of the Office for Hong Kong and Macao Affairs of Chongqing University, Mr. Bai Chen-guang (L5), Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Chongqing University, and Director Tang Yi Yuan (L6), Department of Taiwan Affairs, Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in HKSAR, attend a forum at Chongqing University with students.