Department of English

Department offers two English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses, namely Foundation English and Freshman English. At the same time, we also support students in specific academic programmes by running English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses. At the moment we are running courses in Technical Communication, Business Communication and English for the Media.

In terms of enabling our students to brush up their English and to acquire and master essential skills and various other facets of the English language for effective communication, we run workshops and other language enhancement initiatives.


Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in English for Professional Communication

Title of Programme Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English for Professional Communication
Host Department Department of English
Mode of Attendance Full-time
Normal Duration 4 Years
Credits Required for Graduation 135 Credits


  • To raise students’ English proficiency to a high level to work efficiently and effectively in the future workplace as administrators or executives
  • To provide an academic and pastoral environment for students to acquire an in-depth appreciation of the cultural and intellectual background of English-speaking nations
  • To impart a working knowledge of the operations in commerce and industry, media, publishing, translation and interpreting to students


  • To enable students to acquire a high-level of English proficiency in writing and speech
  • To equip students with a working knowledge and skills in a selected stream
  • To acquaint students with western literature, linguistics, history, philosophy and art
  • To enable students to apply critical thinking, creativity, problemsolving and decision-making skills for the workplace
  • To enable students to develop into lifelong learners and professionals

Programme Characteristics

  • Training in fundamental communication skills and comprehensive understanding in business, technology, media, and translation
  • Training in specialised communication knowledge and skill in one of the chosen fields, namely Business and Technical Communication, Media and Communication, or Translation and Interpreting
  • Participating in the General Education programme for an all-round educational experience