Department of Accounting and Banking

The degree programme in Accounting and Banking was one of our first programmes introduced in the College since 1947. For more than five decades, the programme has been nurturing a significant number of talented graduates with specialised knowledge and skills in accounting and banking. These graduates, capable of serving as accountants or banking specialists in the financial sectors, have been making contributions to the amazing prosperity and fast progress of Hong Kong.

The success of our programme is based on a curriculum that is specifically designed to meet the local and international needs of global economy. Its content is introduced systematically from elementary to advanced, covering both fundamental and professional knowledge for effective applications of theories to practices.

Moreover, special focus is placed on training students to work accurately, efficiently and ethically for gaining professional recognition and following careers in the accounting and banking fields. As early as in the early 1980s our Department firstly included courses in Computer Applications in response to the increasing use of computers in the business and banking environments. Computing facilities were added to provide practical learning opportunity to students so that they could quickly adapt to the requirements for speed and accuracy when entering the accounting and banking workforce.

As far as professional recognitions are concerned, the programme has also long been following the important direction for graduates to become members of various international associations of accountants and to obtain the qualification of professional accountants. Keeping close links with the industry has also been our tradition that seminars from professionals are regularly held to give students an insightful understanding of the current affairs and the latest development in the real world of accounting and banking.

HKICPA Approved Accountancy Programme


Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) in Accounting and Banking

Title of Programme Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) in Accounting and Banking
Host Department Department of Accounting and Banking
Mode of Attendance Full-time
Normal Duration 4 Years
Credits Required for Graduation 123 Credits


  • Education for students to become professional accountants who have strong theoretical knowledge in banking, financial services and financial markets
  • Necessary preparation to pursue a management career in the banking or financial services sector
  • Necessary integrated knowledge and skills in accounting and banking services
  • Theoretical knowledge and practical skills in professional accounting
  • Theoretical knowledge and practical skills in major areas of financial services
  • Quality accounting education in the advancement, measurement, analysis, validation, and exchange of financial information
  • An environment to nurture students’ integrity and ethical conduct in the accounting and banking professions
  • General business knowledge and skills for students becoming broadly equipped to act as business consultants and advisors


  • Apply knowledge and skills in professional practices of accountancy such as competency in areas of auditing, financial reporting, financial management, management accounting and taxation
  • Utilize knowledge and skills in financial services including banking practices, and in the legal regulatory framework for the accounting and banking professionals
  • Apply financial data analysis, information systems to business decision-making and management
  • Develop generic skills in information technology, communication, creativity, logical reasoning, critical analysis and good judgment
  • Develop a good sense of global vision on international business and accounting environment specifically in the China region
  • Build up a strong sense of professional ethics, integrity and social responsibility

Programme Characteristics

  • The only degree programme that integrates accounting and banking professions in Hong Kong
  • Courses in the programme are designed to provide students with a diversity of professional specialisations including accounting, banking, management and finance