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Glorious Sun Buddhist Academic Lecture Series
Buddhism, Buddhist Studies and Chan in Daily Life



時間:10月21日(週六)晚7:30 - 9:00
講座地點:九龍灣宏遠街1號 一號九龍43樓 旭日集團多功能廳(九龍灣港鐵站A出口)

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Invite Application for ‘Master of Arts in Applied Buddhist Studies’ Degree Programme

Sensing the Charm of Oriental Wisdom

The Centre of Buddhist Studies of Chu Hai College, founded in March 2017, is Hong Kong’s first high-end platform for Buddhist studies jointly established by the academic and the Buddhist sectors. Located in the new campus of Chu Hai College situated in a serene environment near the Castle Peak Bay of Tun Mun facing the Cafeteria Bay and overlooking the Lingding Channel, it is the ideal place for pursuing knowledge and seeking truth.

Although based in Hong Kong and with traditional culture as its roots, the Centre promotes the teaching and research of Chinese Buddhism globally. Relying on the strength of Buddhist studies of Chu Hai College, it invites expert scholars, revered monks and learned laities in Buddhist studies from both the Mainland and abroad to teach and share their studies at the Centre. The Centre now offers the programme of Master of Arts in Applied Buddhist Studies, a curriculum structured to integrate with high-end academic exchanges. It is expected that a rich academic atmosphere will help students acquire a new and broad vision of Buddhist teachings and have their humanistic literacy holistically enhanced.

Teaching will be conducted in Chinese with an emphasis on the fundamentals of Chinese Buddhism, so that students will inherit its expansive, profound and fused wisdom and eventually become first-class talents in spreading Chinese Buddhism worldwide. Besides offering students a systematic approach in the learning of Buddhist tenets and thoughts, the programme is also designed to develop a global vision of Buddhism in students. Apart from Buddhist classics, the programme particularly includes in its content the relevance of Buddhist teachings in addressing the issues of life, so that students can apply their learning in real life situations both at the personal and social levels. Besides appreciation of the charm of oriental wisdom, it is hoped that students can attain a consummate life.

Closing Date of Application
Non-local applicants: July 15, 2017
Local applicants: August 4, 2017

Course Commencement
September 2017