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As Hong Kong has firmly established as one of the leading business and financial centres in the world, the demand for professionals in the fields of finance, real estate, investments and other related financial services is on the increase.

However, Hong Kong with its historical and geographical position is also the premier financial service centre of the greater China region.

This combination of identities poses a unique condition demanding the personnel and skills which are perhaps different from the traditionally trained finance specialists in the West.

To cater to the special needs in this area, the programme aims to equip students with not only the essential knowledge and skills necessary to tackle common and current financial issues in the real-world, but also the distinct cultural, political and economic elements of the region so that our graduates are ready to meet the challenges and be able to operate effectively in Hong Kong and the greater China region.

General Programme Information

Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Finance
Title of Programme Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Finance
Host Department Department of Finance
Mode of Attendance Full-time
Normal Duration 4 Years
Credits Required for Graduation 135 Credits

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